Keynote Speakers

Our keynote speakers will highlight significant needs and challenges facing law enforcement agencies in responding quickly to critical events.

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Call for Papers

Submit your paper on range of topics such as: large scale multimedia triage, scalable video & text analytics, digital evidence management architectures.

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Call for Demonstrations

Demo submissions must be based on an implemented and tested system that pursues one or more innovative ideas in the interest areas of the workshop.

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Workshop Overview

Today’s law enforcement investigators face a deluge of data ranging from captured hard drives to network log files and from crimes ranging to terrorist attack to human trafficking. The volume of the data is steadily increasing, as is the urgency to find suspects or to aid victims. In last year’s Boston Bombing, law enforcement was immediately overwhelmed with terabytes of video, images, and texts from the event with an urgent need to identify and capture suspects as quickly as possible. Investigators need to quickly find evidence of a crime or completely reconstruct the criminal event from the available data. The available data may span multiple computers, multiple time scales, and multiple data formats. This workshop seeks to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of large-scale forensic research aimed to address the operational needs of law enforcement.

   August 30, 2014
Submission of full workshop papers

   September 20, 2014
Notification of paper acceptance

   October 5, 2014
Camera-ready submission of accepted papers

   October 27-30, 2014

Important Dates

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